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Royal Rangers Leader's Manual - Chapter 27 - Safety

We will be honored to have Finn Nelson, Oasis (Carlsbad) Children's Pastor, as the Ranger Camp speaker. The theme of Ranger Camp will be “The Crusade.” There will be something special for everyone attending Ranger Camp.
Special Features & Events
Storming The Castle
Archery Tag
Search for the Holy Grail
Evening Meals Provided - BBQ Feast (Friday) and a Tacos & Nachos (Sat)
Special Council Fire Services
Great Praise & Worship

Do not miss this opportunity to meet with other rangers from all parts of New Mexico. Ranger Camp is open to any man and boy wanting to experience God in a special outdoor setting. Please make Ranger Camp a matter of prayer as we ask for a special blessing and anointing over the entire event. Join the adventure!

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