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Adult Leadership Training

The fundamental goal of training is to inspire, mobilize, and resource leaders to empower them to achieve their greatest success and effectiveness.  Royal Rangers training is based on three core values:

  1. Spiritual Development.  All classroom and event-based leadership training will have a spiritual emphasis.

  2. Ranger Skills Development.  Training will focus on the seven methods Royal Rangers use to minister to boys. Ranger skills are a key component of this success.

  3. Leadership Development.  Leadership development will be key as Royal Rangers moves to become a boy led, adult facilitated ministry.

It takes a leader to mentor new leaders. Training will help Royal Rangers strengthen its leadership core.

Church leadership believes that well trained leaders are the key to any ministry's success. Pastors understand that a trained volunteer is much more likely to commit their time and can be counted on to show up every week. For this reason, and others, the Royal Rangers program places a high priority on leader training.

Outpost Leadership Advancement Levels (OLAL)

Four training advancement levels are available for adult leaders to earn. Each level includes training elements and practical application requirements called “tickets.” The training elements are completed during the training event. The practical application requirements are fulfilled by the leader after completion of the training element. The individual leader completes these requirements by the honor system. It is recommended that these requirements be completed within six months of taking the training elements.

Organizational Leaders Training (OLT)

The purpose of Royal Rangers Organizational Leadership Training is to challenge individuals in positions of service beyond the local level to grow spiritually, to develop well-rounded ministry competencies, and to enhance their leadership aptitudes. All organizational leaders are encouraged to begin in this training process as soon as possible following their appointment. The Organizational Leadership Training Chart provides a summary of this training process

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