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2023 NMRR Event Schedule


February 3, 4 – Winter Campout / FCF Winter Trace @ the Range


February 24, 25 – Authentic Warrior Men’s Conference


March 9-11 – LEAD Conference @ Tulsa, OK

The National LEAD Conference is an annual event for Royal Rangers organizational leaders where the latest program information and updates are announced.


March 25 – Super Sectionals (Ranger Derby)

Furious racing options for any and all derby racers in the state. Division winners will earn a free registration voucher for Ranger Camp.


April 14-16 – NMRR District Ranger Camp @ the Range (Priority Event for 2023)

The theme of Ranger Camp will be “One Nation Under God” as all activities will revolve around the American Patriot – from the Founding Fathers to other great American heroes.  


June 2, 3 – West Central Area Campout, Fishing Campout (Free Fishing Saturday)


July 12-14 – Plainsmen Territorial Rendezvous @ the Range


August 18, 19 - Ranger Leadership Conference (RLC)

The RLC is designed to expose the outpost leadership team to a successful set of practices, methods, strategies, and tools that will enable them to better serve the local outpost.


October 1-7 – National Royal Rangers Week

October 12-14 – Junior Training Camp (JTC) @ the Range


December 2 – RR Christmas Party & Leadership Meeting


Other Events (yet to be scheduled)

Junior Leadership Development Academy (JLDA)

JTC – Junior Training Camp | SAC – Survival Action Camp | CAC – Canoeing Action Camp

OLAL Training Opportunities – Ranger Foundations & Ranger Essentials

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