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Missions Efforts

The Royal Rangers program provides many opportunities for men and boys to be involved in worldwide efforts of reaching the lost with the salvation message of Jesus Christ.  The primary missions emphases of Royal Rangers are Royal Rangers International (RRI), Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC), Speed the Light (STL), and Pathfinders Missions. For more information...
NMRR will look to progress missions efforts in the following areas...
New Charter Scholarships

New Mexico Royal Rangers will provide assistance for first time chartering outposts. It can be a daunting task to establish the framework for a new outpost - NMRR is available to make the launch of a new outpost as easy a process as possible including financial assistance for startup.

Tabernacle Project - BGMC / Master's Toolbox

NMRR will look to raise $$$ for the BGMC project Tabernacle Project which has a goal of establishing 23 new churches in Kenya. BGMC contributions will be collected at the Super Sectionals and the NMRR District Pow-wow.

New Mexico Specific Missions Efforts

NMRR will be available to assist in local missions efforts with the goal of supporting and encouraging New Mexico churches.

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