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The Every Boy Initiative

Every Boy Initiative

A new and better direction for Royal Rangers!

In effort to reach and influence more boys that ever, more effectively than ever, Royal Rangers is launching the Every Boy Initiative.

In an effort to provide the Royal Rangers ministry to any church or group that has similar beliefs, Royal Rangers has partnered with US Missions to create a new funding plan to enable every church to provide Royal Rangers to every boy at no cost.

Key Features

  • Chartering is going away.

  • Royal Rangers curriculum and an Outpost Management Tool will be available through an online application.

  • The online application will be free to any church wanting to use Royal Rangers - simply register in the online application.

  • Existing outposts will keep their outpost number.

Missions Sponsorship

  • Instead of chartering or paying an application subscription, the Every Boy Initiative will be funded through missions contributions. Royal Ranger leaders, churches, parents, supporters are asked to make a $25 a month contribution to US Missions on behalf of Royal Rangers.

  • In order to be fully funded, each Royal Rangers district is asked to secure at least 22 missions commitments at $25 a month.

  • Please considering supporting Royal Rangers and the Every Boy Initiative.

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