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Super Sectionals is the NMRR version of the Ranger Derby. Ranger Derby has been a standard event in New Mexico for more than 40 years. Furious racing competition has pitted church against church and ranger against ranger. Legendary races and racers have made the Super Sectionals a site to behold.

Ranger Derby Car Specifications

Cars (except those entered in the unlimited class) must meet the following specifications. Note: Check the kit block before you start to make sure that it does not exceed any of the requirements.

  • Maximum Length (including all attachments) 7 1/2"

  • Maximum Width  2 3/4"

  • Maximum Height  3"

  • Maximum Weight  5 1/2 oz. (156 grams)

  • Minimum Under-Car Clearance 3/8"

  • Minimum Distance Between Wheels 1 3/4"

Ranger Derby cars may be made from Royal Rangers kits sold by Gospel Publishing House or from other kits that meet the specifications listed under Ranger Derby Kits. The contestant must use the parts provided in the kit for their intended use.

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